geometric tee from brave-store and 
black slim pleated skirt from sheinside review

you guys know that i’ve worked with sheinside before and you all know how much i love them!! so i just want to describe this beautiful skirt!! It is so soft and the quality is very high! the material is thick and not cheap at all. the length is a bit too short for me but you know, i’m just not used to wearing short stuff lol but yeah, overall this skirt is 10/10!! 

now the brave-store t-shirt. the quality is very thin but it’s not see-through. it’s really comfortable and stylish! they’re so sweet too and nice! they’re absolutely patient and i just loved working with them! the shirt’s quality is 9/10, i just wish the material was a bit thicker but really over-all, it’s perfect. i highly recommend you to check out their shop! 

thanks for reading my review ♥

Posted on Mar 06, 2014
Tagged: #review #bravestore #brave-store #sheinside #fashion

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